DATA DATA DATA – 6th April 2023

Do you want to grow your business, innovate, drive efficiencies, &/or create new revenue streams? Of course, you do! Well data is the starting point…and this is the only data-focused roundup you’ll ever need!


This issue is entirely focused on data and the environment. A topic close to my heart, and to the team of data architects, engineers, analysts, scientists, and consultants here at Data³.

There is so much data in the world…and there are so many ways to measure environmental impact. So, how do we acquire the right data, to track the right things, to truly drive change? That’s what we’re spending time working through with our clients and partners.

Even if we just start with ESG – Environmental, Social and Governance – data…we need to source data from many different sources to enable businesses to make data-driven ESG decisions.

Think about environmental data – water usage, waste, energy, travel impact, and more.

Think about social data – employees, customers, charity work, health & safety and more.

Think about governance data – compliance, breaches, diversity and more.

And this all needs to be considered for both our businesses and for our suppliers, partners, and clients.

Most business leaders have the very best of intentions when it comes to running sustainable organisations, and want to minimise their environmental impact, but where do they begin?


Here’s a video that gives an exciting first look at our new ESG Dashboards. Here at Data³, we understand that ESG reporting can be consuming and at times confusing.

That’s why we set out to make ESG reporting accessible for all businesses, big and large. At the same time, we wanted to simplify the process, increasing both efficiency and transparency.

Our Data³ Dashboard allows businesses to access their ESG data, in real-time and at the simple click of a button.

From carbon emissions to employee diversity, our dashboard allows you to track and report on the metrics that matter most to you and your stakeholders.

ESG video


On 22 March 2023, we held our inaugural Data³ Roundtable event covering the hot topic of the environment, including sustainability, carbon footprints and all things ESG. Many of our clients and partners are working on vital environmental projects and data is playing a crucial role by informing market insight, reporting and innovation. So, we gathered a group of 12 people together for a chat about environmental data topics over breakfast.

Here’s a summary of the discussion, from my perspective…


Challenge #1 is identifying the data that will tell us what the environmental impact is, considering both the environmental signals as well as our communities

Challenge #2 is collecting the data without inadvertently causing additional impact in those environments, such as through field research

And Challenge #3 is identifying the missing data and filling the data gaps


  • Challenge #A is dealing with too much data and finding the stories, insights, and hidden patterns and trends within the data
  • Challenge #B is selecting the right metrics, being able to access them at the right time, and trusting them
  • Challenge #C is actually using the data to drive improvements and implement change
  • And Challenge #D is doing all of this while tackling culture, technology impacts, building impacts and process impacts (for instance, considering energy usage in our solutions)


  • Challenge #I is accepting that there is a hierarchy of needs for individuals (eg cost of living crisis versus buying sustainable products) and there is a hierarchy of needs for businesses (eg cashflow and affordability versus environmental improvements)
  • Challenge #II is expanding the conversation, and implementation of solutions, from the environmentally-concerned and data-savvy, to everyone


The group created a list of blockers including…

  • Lack of effective legislation
  • Lack of tax reliefs/benefits
  • Too much data and data paralysis
  • Lack of clarity of the metrics/targets we need to focus on
  • Price/cost differentials when the true cost of solutions are not included
  • The challenge to educate and drive behavioural change quickly…now

Despite these blockers, the group were overwhelmingly positive about how data can be used to drive improvements and change in the areas of environmental impact and sustainability. So, we all left feeling positive and super motivated, with a wider group of data-savvy, environmentally-focused business friends.

Find out more about the attendees, and their personal views and opinions, by following us on LinkedIn. Key themes report is to follow shortly, so watch this space!


We ran our Roundtable event in conjunction with Alchemmy, who are leading management consultants. Rob Price, who expertly facilitated our Roundtable, shared the CODES Global Action Plan for a Sustainable Planet in the Digital Age with us – you can find it at

The action plan talks about 3 shifts:

1.     Shift 1 – put the enablers in place

2.     Shift 2 – minimise negative effects and harms

3.     Shift 3 – innovate to solve

The challenge is how to effect change at an individual, community, society, and global level. Thanks for sharing this with us Rob.

On a completely different environmental note, Hugh Thomas from My Future My Choice, introduced us to the concept of burying underwear to measure biodiversity! This one needs a full explanation so read all about it at Surrey Wildlife Trust. Thanks Hugh.


In DATA DATA DATA, I want to share helpful tools you can use within your businesses.

This time, it’s our B Corp Dashboard…

This is hot off the press so we’re looking for B Corp accredited businesses, or businesses on their B Corp journey, to trial our latest business dashboard solution and give us some feedback so we can make it better and better.

Want a free B Corp Dashboard in exchange for 5 minutes of feedback? Of course, you do!

Email us at and we’ll get you set up in 5 minutes.

Thank you for reading…I’ll be back soon with more data news.

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