EVERY business has the same problem – disparate, disconnected data

There is a universal problem that impacts ALL businesses…

• ALL businesses have disparate, disconnected data

• ALL businesses use third party platforms e.g. Google Analytics, MailChimp & more

• ALL businesses struggle to make sense of data and don’t have a single source of truth

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As they lack a single source of truth, many businesses introduce manual, time-consuming processes to collect data from multiple sources, combine it together and create graphs and dashboards. This can take a person, or a team, hours, days and even weeks each month. Often, it’s a full-time job. Imagine if it was all done automatically for you…as if, by magic!

Data is huge right now

Before COVID-19, the awareness of the value of data was growing in the business world. This has now been fast-tracked. We are inundated with SMEs recognising they need to sort out their data, in order to remain successful in future. But they are short on cash. Particularly in 2020.

So, there is a massive gap between the benefits that data brings to some businesses, and the actual number of businesses willing and able to use data to power their business.

Our 2019 SME survey showed that businesses increase profit by greater than 10% using data

Either by increasing sales or reducing cost. Yet less than 35% of SMEs use data to make business decisions in practice (InPerformance 2019).

In 2020, with COVID-19, the challenges facing UK SMEs are immense:

• 57% of businesses report lower turnover (ONS, July 2020)

• 84% of businesses believe they will be unable to cope if COVID-19 lasts more than 6 months…which of course it has (Business West, April 2020)

Business has always been tough for SMEs. Now it’s unprecedented. Quick, affordable, simple access to data will help SMEs, and non-data experts, to survive and thrive during and after COVID-19…and whatever challenges impact us in future.

The answer is myDATA<sup>3</sup> , the all-in-one-place business dashboard

We launched a new data product specifically designed for SMEs in September 2020 – myDATA3, the all-in-one-place business dashboard

It enables a business to see their data in one place from:

• web eg Google Analytics

• email eg MailChimp

• customer eg Hubspot

• social media eg LinkedIn

• finance eg Quickbooks

• and more to come

myDATA<sup>3</sup> allows plugging third-party data platforms into one place

myDATA3 enables SMEs to plug their third-party data platforms into one place…

Web dashboard

myDATA3 enables SMEs to see their data visualised within minutes, without the need of an IT/tech team…

Discover your business insights
Benchmark your performance versus other businesses

myDATA3 enables SMEs to benchmark their performance versus other businesses, on a sector/location/size basis…

Benchmarking dashboard

We’re targeting SMEs with a low-cost product. Considering the COVID-19 impacts on the economy, and with an impending recession, SMEs need to be become faster, leaner, and stronger. Data is the answer.

Data will enable SMEs to recover faster, perform better, compete smarter, and grow quicker

Through supporting 35+ clients on 55+ projects in the last 3+ years, we have seen SMEs make/save tens, hundreds, or thousands of pounds every month, using data and AI. Our product enables us to offer this service to smaller SMEs on a low-cost subscription basis, designed for non-data experts. We want to democratise access to data.

Benefits of myDATA<sup>3</sup>

Our product is designed for any SME business and any business leader – inclusion is at the core of what we’re doing.

We’re providing access to data to people who don’t have it today:

• smaller businesses with less cash to spend/invest in data

• non-data experts who are baffled by terms like data and AI

myDATA<sup>3</sup> makes data easy, quick, and affordable

It’s designed for any business type, size, sector and location. It’s designed for any business leader type, demographic and profile.

myDATA<sup>3</sup> sneak preview

We believe myDATA3 will benefit ALL SMEs in the world. There are 250,000 SMEs in the UK and 25m SMEs globally. Whilst we are focusing on the UK first, we plan to become a global business, and sell myDATA3 all over the world.

myDATA<sup>3</sup> is now live

We have 30 on our waiting list…want to join us?



• Check out our demo at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AwOhGI4mItw&feature=youtu.be