The Biggest Business Opportunity?

The world of business has completely changed, and if you want to survive, you NEED to harness the one business asset that is everyone has forgotten about – let me explain…

Even just a year ago, the options to understand how your business was performing were pretty bad…

  • You could pop over to someone’s desk to ask them
  • You could visit your store/shop/office and see how busy you were on the shop floor
  • You could ask someone in the office to run you a report…and wait a week to receive it

Goodness, it wasn’t good.

And now, in lockdown, we can’t even do any of that! 

It’s bad.

If only you could have your business performance data at your fingertips so you could easily & quickly understand…

  • How is our business performing?
  • What’s going well?
  • What’s not going well?
  • Where are we behind our target?
  • Who are our highest value customers?
  • How well are we retaining our customers?
  • And so on

And so on

Simple business questions. Requiring simple business answers.

And to answer these questions, particularly in a remote, lockdown world, requires systems, technology, and tools. A digital transformation of your physical work environment.

However, for many businesses, transforming their business to become digital is prohibitively EXPENSIVE because they just don’t have the cash to undertake a big project. 

Therefore, only the big businesses are able to afford it.

Even if you have undertaken a digital transformation project, at some point you’ll probably hit a brick wall…

  • Why can’t I connect our finance system to our customer system?
  • Why am I seeing different numbers in different reports?
  • Why do I have to wait a week to see our metrics?
  • Why can’t I see a single source of truth?
  • Why are the numbers not up-to-date?
  • Why am I pulling my hair out?!

Because the one barrier to digital transformation is data. Without data, you cannot transform.

Data is the fuel that powers all of your business systems – think about your:

  • Finance systems – data
  • CRM – data!
  • Marketing tools – data!!
  • Social media platforms – data!!!
  • Call centre platform – data!!!!
  • Employee platform – data!!!!!

Without data, you might as well forget about any kind of transformation, yet alone a digital one.

Why? Because it’s your truth. It’s your goldmine. It’s your largest business asset. Without it, you’re blind. You’re making assumptions, guesses and going on gut feel. That works for a micro-small business, but not for most businesses.

Without data, you’ll be…

  • Worrying about the wrong things
  • Making the wrong decisions
  • Making slow decisions
  • Oblivious to patterns and trends
  • Missing opportunities
  • And ultimately losing money

A business without data is a sad place.

Let that sink in for a second. 

Who doesn’t want to make more money?

According to Forrester in 2020, data-driven businesses saw revenues 162% higher than non-data-driven businesses – 162%! And 30% higher business growth too.

According to McKinsey in 2020, data-driven businesses acquired 23 times more customers. 23 times!

And, according to BARC in 2020, data-driven businesses increased their profit by 8% compared to non-data-driven business.

Yet, according to Garner in 2019, 97% of business data was unused…97%! Unused!

If so, you’re normal. But who wants to be normal?! 

You’re missing out on 162% higher revenues and 23 times more customers, for goodness sake! 

You are losing money because you’re not harnessing your biggest business asset and biggest business opportunity – DATA.

Don’t worry, we can help you. 

We have a 4-week programme where we’ll explore your data and develop a personalised data strategy and implementation plan for your business.

How can you afford not to do this?

Businesses we’ve worked with have seen > 10% increases in profits and they’ve seen five times return. 

It’ll pay for itself!

Call us. 

Email us.

Schedule a call.

Connect on LinkedIn.

Pop to our office.

Whatever you prefer. But delay no more.

 After all, your data opportunity is ONLY getting bigger. Think about it. You’re collecting data every second of every day. The longer you leave it, the more opportunities you’ve wasted.

Let us be your guide through the world of data:

  • We make data simple
  • We make data manageable
  • We’re jargon-free
  • And we’re people-people

We worry about the data complexity so you don’t have to.