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Our customer data tools help you

  • Identify your most valuable customers so you can target more like them in future
  • Discover when a customer might leave you so you can put in plans to retain them
  • Compare the costs and effectiveness of your sales and marketing campaigns
  • Learn more about your customers and predict future behaviours

With more insight on your customers, you can drive:

Distributionchannels Salestargeting Marketingplans Pricedecisions Productstrategies
by seeing what products & services your customers buy over time
by looking at price elasticity and customer behaviour related to price and demand
by knowing who to target for promotions and when
by discovering the most effective sales channels and valuable customer segments
by understanding how the different distributions channels (eg retail, online, intermediated) are performing

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Learn more about your sales

Learn more about your sales

Target your retention efforts

Target your retention efforts

Drill down into your campaigns

Drill down into your campaigns

See what your customers are searching

See what your customers are searching

We build intuitive customer data-driven tools in three stages…



We bring your customer data into one place and break it down by location, product, channel or customer demographics.


We create alerts to show you customer hot spots and problem areas, like areas of low sales or high attrition.


We use past customer behaviour and analytical models to forecast future customer trends so you can act in advance.

Our customer data tools power our clients’ businesses on a daily basis.

We’re Data3 - we use customer data analytics to power business performance for our clients.

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