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Our data SWAT team can help you

Support your existing data projects by sharing our expertise and fast-tracking results

Build data products and tools from scratch, quickly and effectively

Upskill your data teams so they can run sophisticated reports with ease

We can work with you in two ways…

We can be your virtual data team

We work with businesses on a project basis or on a monthly partnership basis. We design, build & launch data products for you. We offer:
Bespoke data consultancy – helping you to create a data strategy and data architecture
Data tool creation - building specialist data dashboards and tools for your business
Hosting, support and updates for your data tools – so you don’t need to worry

We can upskill your data team

Our upskilling programme is built individually for your needs, from one-off consultancy to ongoing support for your teams. We offer:
One-to-one coaching – tailored to your business needs
Data best practice workshops -covering data extraction, collation and cleansing
Data analysis training - covering different statistical techniques and technologies
Hands-on up-skilling of your data teams using your data - so you go beyond the theory
Product training on PowerBI and Tableau – so you can exploit the tools at the next level

Our data SWAT teams power up our clients’ businesses within days and weeks, not months and years.

We’re Data3 - we provide hands-on data support to power business performance for our clients.

Can we help yours?