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Data flows through your business like blood does through your body. Without it, your business will be powerless to make informed decisions, or implement effective systems.  

To get your data flowing effectively, is the difference between answering business critical questions within a minute, or within a month. It is the difference between a system or production line going down for 10 minutes or 10 hours.

A mature data function can make you money and save you money. An immature data function can at best make you uncompetitive, at worst open your business to cyber-attack. 

Just a few minutes to answer a series of questions will inform you of where to focus your efforts and why.  

How data mature is your organisation?

The DATA³ data maturity score is based upon the global DAMA standard. DAMA is the global data management community who set the standards for good data management. Whereas DAMA target data practitioners, the DATA³ approach is adapted for data users and organisational leaders.

You will receive an emailed report providing you with a data maturity score covering the 6 pillars of a good data function. These include: 

Risk Management

Data risk management refers to the processes that encompass the measures taken to protect sensitive information from unauthorised access, disclosure, and misuse. 


Data architecture refers to the ability to combine data from different sources, systems, and formats into a unified, consistent, and accessible view.


Data quality refers to the accuracy, consistency, and reliability of the data collected, stored, and used within the organisation.


Data governance refers to the policies, processes and management structure in place to ensure data quality, consistency, and security across the organisation.


Data analytics involves the use of tools and techniques to analyse and display data, enabling data-driven decision making.


Data culture refers to the mindset and behaviour of an organisation that values and encourages the use of data for decision-making, problem-solving, and innovation.

There are no questions that ask for specific details that would be considered confidential.  

Your data is an asset. Get your data maturity score report in 10 minutes, or talk to us about what makes a mature data function.