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Our HR data tools help you

  • Recruit talent faster and more effectively by tracking recruitment timescales, costs, and drop-out rates
  • Boost retention by mapping staff turnover and showing areas with current and future skills shortages
  • Improve performance by flagging performance trends against reward and L&D programs
  • Identify future trends in areas like gender, diversity and wellbeing by highlighting changes over time

With more insight on your employees, you can drive:

Diversity &inclusionstrategies Rewardschemes Retentionactivities Performanceplans Recruitmentdecisions
by understanding past and future trends on time and cost to recruit roles
by identifying performance hot spots and problem areas against L&D activity
by targeting management training and team-building in the problem areas
by understanding which schemes are attracting/retaining talent and boosting performance the best
by exploring how diversity varies across location, department and job role

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Pinpoint the employees that stay with you the longest

Learn which departments have the biggest recruitment costs and timescales

Discover the impacts of employee satisfaction

Get a better view of your workforce

Get a better view of your workforce

We build intuitive employee data-driven tools in three stages…



We pull your employee data into one place and break it down by location, department, job level or demographics.


We create alerts to help you identify employee hot spots and problem areas, like areas of low performance, low diversity or high attrition.


We use past employee behaviour and analytical models to forecast future employee trends so you can act in advance.

Our employee data tools power our clients’ businesses on a daily basis.

We’re Data3 - we use employee data analytics to power business performance for our clients.

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