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<strong>Are you a data wizard?</strong>

We’re looking for someone who lives, breathes and loves data. Got Azure, SQL, and BI tool experience? Even better. We’re looking for someone who would love to work with our clients to transform their disparate, disconnected data into data lakes/warehouses and interactive, automated dashboards/reports. We help our clients to unlock their data potential so they can make/save more money – want to join us?

<strong> </strong>

<strong>We’re Data<sup>3</sup></strong>

We’re the award-winning UK data lab. We help our clients to make smarter, quicker business decisions using data. We work with UK &amp; global clients across all sectors. We were born in 2017, we have ambitious growth plans and we’re growing every day. We need your help to grow our business even further.


<strong>Your role</strong>
<li>Connect multiple, disparate, disconnected data sources together</li>
<li>Combine and cleanse data using ETL processes</li>
<li>Run ‘healthchecks’ on data quality, completeness, and accuracy</li>
<li>Transfer &amp; store data in a robust and secure way in line with industry best practice</li>
<li>Create data lakes and data warehouses using cloud solutions</li>
<li>Create data visualisations to show trends, patterns &amp; anomalies</li>
<li>Create interactive, intuitive BI tools that enable users to understand the ‘so what?’ and take meaningful action</li>
<li>Present and communicate insights, findings &amp; recommendations to colleagues and clients</li>
<li>Produce solutions quickly and work by exploratory analysis and rapid iteration</li>
<li>Trouble-shoot and solve data problems as/when they arise</li>
Whilst we’re often working from home during COVID, this is a Bristol-based role.


<strong>Your skills </strong>
<li>Demonstrable experience working in a similar role (minimum 2 years)</li>
<li>Experience working with large datasets and multiple datafeeds</li>
<li>Experience working with SQL, ETL tools or similar</li>
<li>Experience creating data visualisation tools using Power BI, Tableau, or similar</li>
<li>Excellent collaboration, interpersonal, presentation, written, listening &amp; verbal communication skills</li>
<li>Ideally experienced in cloud solutions particularly Azure, but also GCP/AWS</li>
<li>Ideally experienced in programming languages (Python, R)</li>
Applicants will be asked to share recent examples of their data work so please be prepared to impress us.


<strong>Our Data<sup>3</sup> offer</strong>

For the right candidate, we offer a key role in a fast-growing data agency.
<li>Want variety? You got it. We’re technology-agnostic and work across multiple sectors, so you’ll get to play with lots of data tools across a range of data projects.</li>
<li>Want flexibility? You got it. We support flexible working and working from home – we focus on delivering high quality outputs for our clients.</li>
<li>Want diversity &amp; inclusion? You got it. We believe that diverse and inclusive businesses are far more successful and better places to work.</li>
<li>Want to enjoy coming to work every day? We do too. Join us and let’s create the culture we all want to work in.</li>
We are an equal opportunities employer and welcome applications from everyone regardless of race, sex, disability, religion/belief, sexual orientation, or age.


Find out more about <a href=”https://data-cubed.co.uk/”>Data<sup>3</sup></a> on our website.

Email CV to hello@data-cubed.co.uk