Within the first month of launch, 90+ small businesses have signed up to use a new, free, all-in-one instant dashboard tool. Designed specifically for SMEs, just at a time when they need all the help they can get – myDATA³ is the only business tool in the world to offer instant dashboards and benchmarking to SMEs. 

Helen Tanner, founder and CEO of DATA³, says “Business is tough for SMEs right now. Brexit. COVID. Lockdown, Energy crisis. Driver shortage. Actually, to say that business has been tough for UK SMEs in the last 2 years is a huge understatement. They are cash-deprived, debt-ridden, cashflow-focused, and time-poor. At the same time, the tech revolution has fast-tracked almost overnight with QR codes becoming the norm, exponential growth in online shopping, and the increasing use of tech tools. Combine all this with a tech skills shortage. It’s the perfect storm.” 

The innovative new business tool called myDATA³, has been created by the Bristol-based team, Data³. Their vision is to enable SMEs to benefit from big business tools like data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI). They want to level the playing field, by making data and Al simple. By becoming data-driven, SMEs will be able to survive and thrive, despite the perfect storm, by maximising business opportunities and mitigating business risks, in advance. 

myDATA³ is specifically designed for SMEs to see instant dashboards and business benchmarking, with no need for tech skills or tech teams. To give SMEs access to smarter, data-driven, crowdsourced business predictions so they can make quicker decisions today. myDATA³  gives SMEs access to fast, intuitive data that they can use to grow their business and minimise losses. 

Christine Christodoulou, co-founder of Revoco, says myDATA³ is “super easy to use and I’m a technophobe!”. And Janani Prabhakaran, founder of Unbaggaged says “I’ve been using it for the last week and it gives me all the information I need in one dashboard.” 

Over 90 businesses use the business tool already, with 1,000 businesses set to join by March, 10,000 by 2023 and 40,000 within 5 years. 

Helen Tanner adds “In the coming months and years, we intend to show that data-driven businesses do indeed make more money, as often quoted by McKinsey, Gartner, E&Y, PWC and co, based on their small studies…we will prove it with data.” 



Data³ was founded in 2017 in Bristol by Helen Tanner. Since then, as a data agency, they have delivered 70+ data projects, for 50+ businesses, and grown to a team of 15. They have won awards from Great British Entrepreneur Challenge 2019 and TechSpark 2020, and been accepted onto SETsquared, Natwest Entrepreneurial Spark and 10,000 Small Businesses programmes. In August 2021, they opened franchises in New Zealand and Australia. Find out more at https://data-cubed.co.uk/


myDATA³  is the instant all-in-one business dashboard designed for SMEs. It’s the only business tool in the world to offer instant dashboards and benchmarking to SMEs. The free tool was launched in August 2021 for UK SMEs. The Pro version, for a fee of £99 per business/month is launching in October 2021, with further product updates planned in monthly releases. 90+ businesses registered to use the tool within the first few weeks. Find out more at https://mydata3.com/


Founder and CEO of DATA, Helen started her career as a coder at The Met Office. Followed by Director-level commercial roles in global financial services firms AXA and Computershare. Helen’s mission is to make data and artificial intelligence easy for small businesses. In 2020, Helen published The Data Escalator, a book with 8 simple steps to achieving business success using data. Connect with Helen at https://www.linkedin.com/in/helentanner/