Are you sitting on a data goldmine?

Are you using your data to make business decisions?

Is your data being used to create a competitive advantage?

Are you generating revenue from your data?

Many businesses are sitting on data goldmine.

But they are not fully exploiting the value of their data.



Create a new management tool

For your internal business users

to improve your business performance

Put your data in the right hands...

of the right people...

in the right format...

at the right time

to make the right decisions

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Build a new sales tool

For your distributors

to improve their business performance and yours

Transform your data

into revenue-generating products to...

Help your distributors to sell more of your products

Provide insight on how their sales compare to other distributors

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We are Data³

We believe every business decision should be data-driven or data-informed

We specialise in transforming data into revenue-generating management and sales tools

We work with Technology and Business teams to enable you to take advantage of your data

We can help you with your journey to monetising data

We can fast-track your business to data success using our skills in:

business consultancy

to identify commercial data opportunities in your market

data strategy & analytics

to slice & dice your data and ensure it delivers a competitive advantage

data visualisation

to ensure your tools are intuitive and easy to interpret

new tool development

to take your new solutions to market