DATA DATA DATA – December 2023

Do you want to grow your business, innovate, drive efficiencies, &/or create new revenue streams? Of course, you do! Well data is the starting point…and this is the only data-focused roundup you’ll ever need!

In this issue, it’s all about AI…with a tiny sprinkling of Christmas!

How do you navigate the MAD world of Machine learning, AI and Data?

In the rapidly evolving world of machine learning, AI and data, the technology options are never-ending and always increasing.

I absolutely love this landscape map…but it’s also absolutely terrifying…every logo represents a technology option that you can consider for your organisation!

Check out the interactive version at and have a play.

How do you even start to navigate this landscape? With such a rapidly changing technology landscape in our rapidly changing world, we can’t future-proof everything as there’s so much that we’re not able to predict about how technology, particularly AI, will evolve. So, I recommend that you adopt a research & development or experimental mindset. Expect your technology stacks to look very different in future. So make sure you build solutions in a modular, flexible way that allows for technology solutions to be replaced in future. Think 1-2 years ahead and not 10-20 years.

Beyond an experimental mindset, as always, my advice is to start with your business requirements and your priority use cases – what will help you make more money, save money, become more efficient, improve customer service, increase automation, reduce wastage, minimise risk or create new sources of competitive advantage? Start there. Then identify your data sources. Then ask for expert advice, from people who are doing this all the time, on what tools to deploy first. Then experiment and iterate and learn and grow and evolve. And play and have fun too!

What rules do you need to follow when using AI?

With the rapid evolution of AI, comes a flurry of legislation. And that’s what we’ve had in the last week.

The EU AI Act landed last week – read all about it at European Parliament News. No one can argue with the intentions of the Act which aims to ensure “that AI systems used in the EU are safe, transparent, traceable, non-discriminatory and environmentally friendly.” Who doesn’t want that right?

In summary, unacceptable risk AI systems are those considered a threat to people and will be banned. AI systems that negatively affect safety or fundamental rights will be considered high risk and will need to be registered in an EU database and assessed before launch. And all AI systems will need to be transparent about how they work in terms of both the content and modelling approaches.

This all sounds very sensible right? Unsurprisingly, it’s prompted a lot of controversy with some saying it hasn’t gone far enough by not banning public mass surveillance, for instance, and others saying it’s gone too far and will restrict innovation in the EU.

Described as the world’s first comprehensive regulation on AI, it will be interesting to see how the world follows and the different approaches taken by other regions. As we work globally, we’re already tracking Australia and New Zealand, and the latter have shared interim GenAI guidance at So, watch this space.

Want to create your own private GenAI data interrogator?

Of course you do!

We’re helping our clients, big and small, to harness the functionality of GenAI, ChatGPT, LLMs and AI…

…but locked down to their organisation’s private data. The end result is the ability to ask a question to interrogate your data and get an answer based solely on your organisation’s data.

We’re exploring 3 kinds of use case from asking questions about content in vast amounts of unstructured documents…to asking questions about data within a database…to creating a tool to help your customers interact with you.

Want some help to select the right tool, set it up, train it and provide the right prompts for your specific needs…whilst remaining compliant with an emerging AI regulatory landscape? We have just the 5-step process for you.

Drop me a line if you to chat about specific opportunities for AI in your organisation.

Oh and Merry Christmas!

Thank you for reading…I’ll be back soon with more data news.

Remember…if you’re in data hell, I’m data Hels!

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This is me at our DATA³ Aotearoa client event where we celebrated Christmas in a typically kiwi non-festive way with not even a Santa’s hat or tinsel in sight!