Unlocking Business Potential Through Data-Driven Innovation 

Since we launched in 2017, we’ve been on an incredible ride, completing 200+ data projects for 70+ SMEs across multiple countries. Taking stock is just as important as moving forward, so let’s talk numbers!   

In the last six years, we’ve accomplished 200+ projects, worked with 70+ clients, expanded to 3 countries, and earned 15 prestigious awards. Our success story has been fuelled by consistent growth, with over 50% year-on-year progress since 2022. And our global team of 25+ talented individuals are ready to continue along our growth journey. 

Our award-winning team specialises in simplifying your data, making it as easy to understand as checking the weather. We believe in providing effortless access to crucial insights about your business performance.  

“Our numbers tell a compelling story, highlighting the transformative power of data in reshaping industries, driving markets and empowering disruptors. Our core mission remains constant: to help businesses harness the untapped potential of data. We’re not just a technology company; we’re a value-driven organisation that puts our clients and our people at the core of our mission.” – Helen Tanner, Founder of DATA3

What can you expect next from DATA3? The same commitment to delivering value and ROI for our clients, expanding our team geographically and enabling innovation in our offering with cutting edge propositions.   

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our much-loved customers and partners, for being an integral part of our journey so far. Your trust and support make our milestones possible. 

To celebrate our achievements and to prepare for our next chapter, we have refreshed our visual identity and launched a new website. Check it out here: www.data-cubed.co.uk.   

Here’s to the next exciting chapter, fuelled with data and driven by innovation. 

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