Client story



2buy2 is a values driven procurement solutions company; helping clients across the charity, education and business sectors achieve cost savings, compliance, and peace of mind that their procurement is aligned to their company vision and values.​

​We created the data architecture and data visualisation capability to deliver internal reporting across their business.

The vision

To launch 2buy2’s internal data reporting solution so all business managers have the right data at their fingertips, in order to make smarter, quicker data-driven decisions.

The problem

Data is located in 19+ sources across the organisation in a mix of in-house and third-party platforms and tools.

Every business area has different requirements for internal reporting, based on their different roles and objectives.

The objectives

To plan, design, build & launch the internal data reporting capability for 2buy2 within five months.

Data sources

We used a number of different data sources for this project which included:
  • Financial data
  • CRM data
  • Service desk data
We delivered a brand-new data tech stack and interactive, drillable, insightful reports designed specifically for 2buy2’s teams.


We used our Data³ Discovery Process to capture all business requirements, from nine business areas, and reviewed all relevant data and business information to inform the design of the data architecture and reporting tool.


We used our Data³ Design Process to design a scalable, future-proofed and value-for-money data architecture and tech stack. We designed an easy to use, intuitive and visually appealing internal reporting tool for review and feedback by the project team.


We used our Data³ Build Process to build, test and launch the new data architecture and tech stack using AWS, Matillion and Snowflake. We built, tested and launched interactive, drillable reporting tools in Power BI for 2buy2’s internal teams.

“The Data³ team were really helpful in working with us to identify what reporting we required, ensuring the relevant data points were being captured and creating a robust data architecture. We continue to work with the team at Data³ as we progress through our data journey, empowering us to make better business decisions more often.”

Russell Stables, Director of Operations