THE DATA CHALLENGE FOR MARKETERS – how to wrangle your data into one place and make sense of it I was a marketer for 14 years. I worked for the public sector, for huge global corporations, and with start-ups. In all cases, there were many days when Marketing felt like the best department to work […]


We speak to business leaders everyday about their data challenges and data opportunities. They’re all struggling with exactly the same thing – disconnected data that is siloed across their organisations, meaning that it’s really tricky to get answers to simple business questions like these… How many customers do we have? Well, what do you mean […]


Are you using advanced analytics, AI, or machine learning to power your business performance? If not…perhaps you should be! But where do you begin? That was the focus of our webinar on 19 August. And that’s what we’ll focus on in this blog where we’ll share two use cases with wide applicability that can add […]

Marketing Analytics: Using data to drive revenue

This article is written by Amanda Kite, our Insight Consultant at Data Cubed.  According to Gartner’s 2019-2020 CMO spend survey, 76% of marketing leaders say they use data and analysis to drive key decisions. So the days of making marketing decisions based on gut feel are long gone, aren’t they…? In fact, in the same Gartner […]

The Power of People Data

How the right metrics can transform a business HR teams are sat on powerful people data that can drive change in business. This data is so powerful that it can directly impact profits, market value, market share, productivity, company reputation… you name it. The trouble is, HR teams have often focused on metrics that simply […]

Data is transforming our world

Our run down of data-driven technologies and how they’re spreading to the masses. Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, and the Internet of Things. Simply buzzwords in corporate meeting rooms a few years back; these technologies are now shaking our world and transforming the way we do business. As a company that helps businesses with their data […]

Don’t you wish your Excel was just like me: Modern BI platform reviews

Power BI, Qlik and Tableau under the scope Modern analytics and BI platforms are now mainstream. For companies big and small, MS excel no longer cuts the mustard when it comes to transforming data into engaging, insight-rich visualisations. So what are they? Quite simply, analytics and BI platforms are easy-to-use software that supports the full […]

Is one data analyst ever enough?

How applying a multi-skilled team to a data analytics project delivers results We work with businesses of all sizes…and they have a wide range of data-focused employees. The big businesses have large data teams…the SMEs have one analyst…and the start-ups have multi-skilled individuals who do everything in the business…literally everything. But, when it comes to […]

Buzzword bonanza 2: Our plain English guide to data lingo

Digital business automation, Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning & Internet of Things Round up, round up! It’s time to tackle more of the data buzzwords that are popping up in meeting rooms everywhere. Say goodbye to blank expressions and scratchy heads, this is your definitive guide to the latest technologies, explained in plain English. Digital […]